Text Editing

The WebDwarf Text Editor functions much the same way a standard Word Processor works. Choose your font, font size, color. Create and edit links. Once you are done you can even spell-check your work.

WebDwarf makes it easy to quickly create a great looking web page. Click on any object in the work-window and move and stretch it with your mouse. Some of the advanced features available in WebDwarf include:


WebDwarf includes a number of quality templates to help you get started. These are free for you to experiment with and use as you like.
Layout Options
WebDwarf includes a snap-to grid, snap-to tabs, and pixel-precise positioning so your text and graphics are placed exactly where you want them.
Graphics Creation and Image Editing
Create graphics right in the work-window without the need for a paint program. Use the Rectangle, Ellipse, and Polygon tools to create shapes. Position and size them however you want. Fill them with with the shading you want, or even use one of your images as a background to fill the shape. What's more, you can add transparency to any graphic or image.

Once you are happy with your page, WebDwarf's built-in FTP Publisher can automatically upload your page along with all your images directly to your webhost. What's more all your images, no matter where they currently reside on your computer, are automatically 'gathered up' and placed in the appropriate directories on your webhost's server.
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