Move-up to SiteSpinner when you are ready to build a full-featured, multipage website.
"'Power' endeavors to marry design and content, and nothing gives him more freedom than SiteSpinner"

- C|Net's 'Power Downloader'
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SiteSpinner earns Tucows highest rating!
This Site Spun with SiteSpinner
SiteSpinner is Virtual Mechanics' powerful tool for building great-looking web sites fast, easily, and affordably.

Why move up to SiteSpinner?

SiteSpinner has all the familiar features found in WebDwarf, plus many more, including:
  •  The ability to create multi-page Projects
  •  Quality, multi-page templates
  •  More advanced image rendering and graphics creation tools
  •  The ability to import Foreign Objects, including Audio, Video, Flash™ and other file types
  •  Meta-tag creation, including description and keywords
  •  Advanced layout features, including the ability to create 'centered' pages at the click of a button, and pages that dynamically 'expand' to fit the web browser
  •  Easy to create mouse-over effects
  •  Support for iframes, project-wide includes, appending Projects, and much more
  •  Unlimited online support
  •  Free Web hosting courtesy of Jumpline
What's more, all your WebDwarf created pages are 100% compatible with SiteSpinner.

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