Getting Started

There are 2 simple steps to building your web page - Designing and Publishing. We'll lead you through both steps here.

Designing your web page >

The easiest way to get up and running fast is to use one of the included templates. Use the File > Templates command to see the list of available templates included with WebDwarf.

Adding a background or changing the page color
: To import a background for your page, or to change the background color, select the Page Editor > Background tab (icon on the top tool-bar). You can import a picture and define how it should be laid out, or you can define a solid color. Use the Title tab to give your page a Title (ex. My Home Page).

Adding Text
: To add text to your page, you can double click an existing Text Object to open the Text Editor, or you can create a new Text Object by clicking the Text icon on the left tool bar. Now you can enter whatever text you want. You can choose your font, font color and size. The WebDwarf Text Editor behaves like a standard Word Processor. When you need to enter a link, highlight the text you want to link and press the Link Editor (top tool bar in the Text Editor). When you are ready the Spell Checker can be found under the Tools menu. Use the 'Save and Close' button on the bottom of the Text Editor to enter your text into the Work-Window. Now you can place and size your Text Object anywhere you want on your page.

Add a Title
: A Title is like a header, except that instead of being HTML text it is an image. The advantage of this is you can use any font you like without worrying if your visitor has that particular font on their computer. Another nice thing about Titles is you can scale, stretch, and rotate them anyway you like. You can even set a picture to be the background of the title.

Create a Graphic
: With the built-in graphic tools you can create buttons and shapes and fill them with colors or graphics. Give them outlines, place them in front or behind other objects, all by simply selecting them and dragging them around the work-window with your mouse. Select the Rectangle, Ellipse, or Polygon tool on the left tool bar. Place the shape anywhere you want. Double click to open the Quick Properties Editor. By default a shape has an outline of '1'. Select the Outline tab to change it, select the Shading tab to give it a color, and select the Link tab to create a link from it.

Add a Picture
: You can add pictures easily to your page using the Import Picture function. Click on the Mona Lisa icon on the left tool-bar and select the image you want to import. Once you have it in the Work-Window you can make it bigger or smaller, rotate it, or place it in front of or behind other objects on your page.

Adding Code
: If you have code - such as a visitors' counter etc. - that you would like to add to your page, simply select the Code Editor and enter your custom code. This code will be passed directly to your browser without modification.

: Remember, you can Preview your page anytime you like in your web browser by pressing the Preview icon on the top tool bar.
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Publishing Your Page >

Now that you have your web page the way you want it you need to Publish it in order to convert it to an HTML (or SVG) webpage. You can Publish the page to your computer, or you can Publish it directly to your webhost. WebDwarf has all the built-in features you need in order to Publish your page and all your images and graphics to your webhost automatically.

Using the Publisher (icon on the top tool-bar), you can enter your webhost's information, such as your username, password, host address and publish directory. You can use any webhost you wish with WebDwarf. However, if you do not have a webhost you can get a free 24 hour trial account with iHostVM, or you can log onto your iHostVM account directly through the Publisher.

Once you have your account established, the WebDwarf Publisher will upload your web page, as well as all the images you put into your page, and ensure that the links to them are correct - no more missing images on your pages.

That's it!

WebDwarf includes many other features - click around and see what you find. When you are ready to build a multi-page site check out our Website building tool - SiteSpinner , and our advanced web and mobile website design tool - SiteSpinner Pro.

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