We're not talking about a low-end webhosting account. Jumpline is offering Professional grade package. Your free one-year's webhosting includes:
  •  Host up to 10 websites
  •  Disk Space: 10 GB
  •  Bandwidth: 100 GB
  •  Email Accounts: 100
  •  FTP accounts: 10
  •  Sub Domains: 10
  •  Daily Back
  •  140+ Apps Included
  •  No activation Fee
  •  24-7-365 Amazing Customer Support
Free access is available with your purchase of any Virtual Mechanics product. To learn more about this offer, see the Free Jumpline Web Hosting FAQ

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Get a Free Year of Webhosting when you purchase any Virtual Mechanics product.
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Virtual Mechanics' web page building tools make it easy for you to build your own attractive, functional website quickly, without having to know HTML or use complicated
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software. You can be assured that your website can be hosted on Websites Made Easy, any web server and is compatible with all web browsers and search engines.

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our web builder programs have been used by large corporations, small businesses, schools, professional organizations and home users to develop their web sites.  Our simple, drag-and-drop mobile website creators let you make your own WYSIWYG sites quickly and easily.

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