Behavior Editor

The Behavior Editor allows you to associate a behavior with an object. A behavior consists of events plus actions triggered by those events. For example, an object may make a sound when a user clicks on it, or it might toggle between being visible and invisible when the mouse moves across it.

Add and edit behaviors associated with an object using the Behavior Editor dialog box.

This dialog box has seven tabs:

Tab Description
Selection Use the Selection tab to choose the behavior to edit.
Triggers Use Triggers tab to define an object's trigger events.
Resets Use the Resets tab to define an object's reset events.
Links Use the Links tab to activate a link when an event occurs.
Actions Use the Actions tab to define what actions occur when an event is triggered or reset.
Formula Use the Formula tab to manipulate an object's value.
Metamorph Use the Metamorph tab to change the components of the current object or any other object when a particular behavior is triggered.

Open the Behavior Editor by clicking Object --> Behavior in the main menu.

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