Behavior Editor: Metamorph Tab

The Metamorph tab of the Behavior Editor dialog box allows you to change the components (such as geometry, shading, or action) of the current object or any other object when this behavior is triggered

Use the Metamorph tab of the Behavior Editor to manipulate an object's components.

Field/Control Description
Change This Object Check this box to change one or more of the Geometry, Action and Behavior components of the object.
Component Selection Select one or more of these three checkboxes to change that particular component.
Additional Objects to Change Use this area to select other objects that will have their components changed when this behavior becomes active. To add an object to the list, select it from the drop-down list box and press the Include button. To remove an object from the list, select it in the list box and click the Remove button.
OK Click to accept the current settings and exit the dialog box.
Cancel Click to cancel the operation and close the dialog box.
Help Click to open a context-sensitive help topic.


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