Key Frame Editor

Use the Key Frame Editor to orchestrate a series of animations -- sort of like a very basic movie. For example, you can control whether one animation starts at the same time as another, starts after another has finished, or overlaps another animation. The Key Frame Editor displays a list of all the animations on a page and  allows you to easily edit any of them.

Use the Key Frame Editor to orchestrate a series of animations.

Open the Key Frame Editor by:

  1. Open the Quick Properties Editor for the object that has the key frame action.  

  2. Navigate to the Action tab of the Quick Properties Editor.

  3. Select Key Frame in the Action Method drop-down box.

The Key Frame Editor has features to edit the frames at each point along the object's path, and can also edit the path itself. The main feature is the timeline along the top of the editor -- this shows the total time for all animations on the page. Set your required total time from the spin edit controls or the Total Time edit box to the left of the time line.  

To see the state of the animated objects on your page at any point, drag the slider along the timeline bar to the point of interest. We suggest you drag by the top part of the slider, otherwise you run the risk of accidentally moving a timeline point.

On the slider bar a blue section indicates the section of the path currently active for editing. If you look in the Work Window, you will see the object in the position where it will be at the time indicated by the timeline slider.

The red line marks the currently active point.

The number of this point shows as "p 0" in the current time line point box. The arrows allow you to step to the previous or next points.

The small dark arrows indicate other currently inactive timeline points.

Drag any timeline point to a new position on the timeline bar, and that will then, if not already, become the currently active point. Similarly, simply clicking on a black arrow will make it active instead. In both cases, the active timeline point shows as red -- that is the one you can edit.

The third slider is the Key Time slider -- use it to move the current timeline point -- the one showing in red. This has the same effect as dragging a timeline point.

Use the play buttons to preview the whole animation in the Work Window. Hover your mouse over each button to see exactly what each does -- a tool tip should appear for each -- they work much the same as music player controls.


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