Project Options: Mobile Tab

The Mobile tab of the Project Options dialog box controls the default image format and target resolution for mobile layouts.

Set the default image format and resolution for mobile layouts on this tab.

Control/Field Description
Default Image Format Choose a format in which to re-render imported image files and to render line drawings (rectangles, ellipses, etc.) upon publishing your project. Click to select a radio button corresponding to the desired image format. For more information, see Rendering and Re-Rendering.
User Picture’s Format Recommended. Click to checkmark to re-render imported image files and to render line drawings (rectangle, ellipse, etc.)
Include Background Select this checkbox to render the backgrounds of re-rendered objects along with the objects themselves. This will generate a bitmap that includes the object’s geometry and anything that is behind it. For more information, see Render Background.
Blend Edges Available only with GIF image format. Select this checkbox to blend the edges of the object with background objects.
Size Available only with JPG image format. Click to drag the slider control to the right to reduce compression and increase image quality and file size or to the left to increase compression and reduce image quality and file size. The default setting is 75.
Apply to All Objects Select this checkbox to apply your selections to all rendered objects in the project. For example, if you created a geometry or imported any images on any of your pages, all published geometry and images will use the new format.
Target Resolution Click a radio button corresponding to your desired target resolution for your published project. Choose 640 x 480, 800 x 600 (default), 1024 x 768, or a custom resolution. For more information, see Target Resolution Guide Border.


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