Dynamic Layout

SiteSpinner® Pro lets you apply settings that will automatically adjust the positioning and size (scaling) of the page contents to fit the browser window. This is a function that is known as “dynamic layout.”

A page built with a dynamic layout applies relative positioning and relative sizing attributes to reposition and resize page content based on the size of your user’s browser window.

A full dynamic layout requires that you apply relative positioning and sizing attributes to all objects in the project.

Creating a Dynamic Layout
  1. Select the object or objects for which you want to use relative positioning and/or sizing.
  2. Click one or more of the relative sizing and relative positioning tools in the Arrange bar.


    Open the Object Editor, click the Transformations tab, and select the Relative radio button instead of the Absolute radio button in the Horizontal Position and Vertical Position areas.  (You cannot set relative sizing using the Object Editor dialog bo x.)

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